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VVS® D2 (Drop)

A simple curtain system. Opens from the top, the curtain gathers along the bottom when fully open.

Pros: Low cost, quick and simple.
Cons: Max height 3m. Cannot be automated.


  • Single system up to 140m in length
  • Curtain height up to 3m
  • Top opening ventilation system
  • Simple entry level system
  • Low cost & fast to install
  • Manual / electric options

The steel tubes are inserted into the pockets to put weight to both end of the sheet.


Curtain Tube Option

To allow the D2 system to be bought as a components system, Galebreaker offers the option to use a pocket for the top tube instead of a fluted tube, 34 mm galvanised tubes can be locally sourced:



  • Hand driven crank - 240 kg

  • Electric drive with gearbox (230V) 

 - 90Nm
 - 150Nm
 - 250Nm
 - 450Nm





Curtain Control

The curtain control is designed to support the curtain when it experiences wind loads either pushing the curtain into the building or low pressure causing it to be pulled from the building.

  • W’-Rope Curtain Control (CR2):

CR2 utilises 6mm braided rope and has newly designed fixings for that are attached to the building using standard fixings. The rope is continuous down the length of the building and attached in a ‘W’ formation. The outer rope system is half the frequency of the inner rope.

  • CR3 Control Rope:

CR3 is designed to be installed without any inner control rope, instead the bird net construction is used to support the fabric curtain, but with ‘W’ rope providing the outer control.


Lifting Mechanism

  • HT Cable Drive:

The main 6mm drive cable which passes around the motor cable drum, is fixed to a 3mm stainless steel high tensile (HT) cable which then extends the full length of the system. The lifting cables connect to the curtain top tube are then attached to the HT cable using standard rope grips. The HT cable does not have a tendency to un-twist and has long durability.

NEW Curtain Lifting Clamp:

This solution offers better installation and maintenance options, while the curtain height can be adjusted while working from ground level.


End Covers

  • Galvanised End Cover

Pros: Fast to install and lower cost than fabric
Cons: Additional materials are required to fill in gaps




    • Fabric End Cover

    Matches curtain material, leaves no gaps.


    Men's Shoes
    lengthup to 70 m
    height0 - 3 m
    lengthup to 140 m
    height0 - 3 m